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start with why

Our presses began printing in 1951 with one purpose in mind – to give our customers a quality product such print photos on canvas and deliver it on time, on budget, as promised. No excuses, no surprises. It’s a concept that never grows old and never goes out of style.

employee owned, client driven

GP is an employee-owned company so we share a personal stake in every project. No one is more motivated to perform well than we are.

people power

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of printers out there. In fact, finding a printer is likely the easiest part of the process. The challenge is finding the people who can make your print powerful; those who can amplify your message and deliver it effectively to your target audience. GP has been making its clients look good on paper for over 60 years –
and our people make all the difference. awards

tradition of excellence

With more than 50 awards to our credit - we’re proud of our winning pedigree.
It’s simple – make your clients look good and share in their success!

recent awards

Check out our most recent awarding-winning work.